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KidsPlay Treehouse

This back-to-nature treehouse will take children and adults alike high into a tree canopy to a fairytale retreat, where they will find the perfect setting for daydreaming, and to play, pretend, hide, climb, explore and slide.

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Successfully Funded Projects

WAPJ - Community Radio Needs You

What does it mean to have truly local community radio? It means we have a voice on the airwaves to share thoughts and concerns, ideas and information about events that move our community forward! WAPJ is that community radio and it needs YOUR help to continue.

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"It's Happening Here" - the Song!

After attending Torrington's first "Dough" event, Jay Roberts (of Performance HUB) immediately picked up his guitar and a pencil. A few hours later, he had an entire song written for the city of Torrington to support the "It's Happening Here" campaign.

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