KidsPlay Treehouse

Make A Pledge

What is it about a treehouse that causes almost everyone who sees it to pause, take a closer look, and smile?! Our affection for treehouses may be inborn, for our ancestors lived in trees, and perhaps in some primal memory we still think of them as home. Or, the smile may be evoked by more immediate memories: a treehouse built in childhood, or one read about in a favorite book or seen in a favorite film--"Swiss Family Robinson"; "Tarzan"; "Winnie the Pooh".

Whatever the reason, KidsPlay--New England's newest Children's Museum--is adding a dynamic, multi-level treehouse to its facility on Arbor Day, 2014. And we need your help to help us build towards the sky and future.

This back-to-nature treehouse will take children and adults alike high into a tree canopy to a fairytale retreat, where they will find the perfect setting for daydreaming, and to play, pretend, hide, climb, explore and slide. The treehouse will also be a literacy center, where parents and guest authors alike can read to children and school groups.

We need trees. Trees need us. And we need you to help turn this dream into reality. Please make a pledge today to help us build what will undoubtedly become our most popular attraction.