"It's Happening Here" - the Song!

This project was successfully funded!

After attending Torrington's first "Dough" event, Jay Roberts (of Performance HUB) immediately picked up his guitar and a pencil. A few hours later, he had an entire song written for the city of Torrington to support the "It's Happening Here" campaign.

The song is catchy, fun, and captures the spirit of the movement.

Where You Come In

The audio clip above was recorded on a smartphone during the launch party for the ItsHappeningHere.com website. Quite obviously, if we are going to use this song throughout the campaign, we need to get it professionally recorded.

Jay has scoured out reasonable studio costs for the recording, editing, and mixing process required to bring the song to a professional level. Fortunately in Jay's case the musical talent needed to record a great song is part of the package.

"Let's start with a voice and guitar just so we can get something done and usable. If down the road it is feasible to record the song with a full band, then we will. The song suits itself well to both recording styles!" - Jay Roberts