'Twas the Week Before Christmas...

'Twas the Week Before Christmas...

I love the holidays as it is, but this year has been special. With all that has been taking place in Torrington this season, I couldn't help but write a poem. So grab some cocoa and do enjoy!

Twas the week before Christmas and all through downtown,
Joy and good shopping did truly abound.
The shoppers were dressed in red, green and white,
As they found gifts galore that were perfectly right.

In early November, the ideas had been shared.
Its Happening Here, we’d posted everywhere.
We Facebooked, emailed and boosted and listed;
Everyone worked and no one resisted.

The snowflakes appeared and decorating had begun,
Gee, said observers, this city is having fun.
The number of trees in storefronts did grow
And hints of goodies were beginning to show.

Our shops would stay closed on Thanksgiving night,
And families would share that day in delight.
For the next day would find us on the green at the park,
When the Christmas tree was lit, overcoming the dark.

The crowd strolled north on our special Main Street,
Protected from traffic by cops on the beat.
Viewing decorated windows and the Nutmeg’s Mouse King,
Then arriving at City Hall with more carols to sing.

On Small Business Saturday, the sun was in sight,
And hopes for good sales turned out to be right.
The customers came and they laughed and they shopped,
While sales expectations had been truly topped.

The restaurants provided sandwiches, cocoa and soup;
While S & S Sweets sold ice cream scoop after scoop.
The bakery sold brownies, cakes and great pies;
And shops had great gifts for girls and for guys.

The galleries had artwork that pleased the eye,
Including some they suggested we might want to buy.
WAPJ played holiday songs through the day;
While children enjoyed stories at our favorite KidsPlay.

The Warner planned movies and shows for us all,
White Christmas for big and Muppets for small.
The Nutcracker brought joy to folks young and old,
A favorite tradition, truth to be told.

The Yankee Pedlar then hosted the shower for toys;
With funds to be used for good girls and boys.
Christmas Village was opening just up the street,
Where Santa would give each child something sweet.

What started as a thought became a success
When everyone gathered and put themselves to the test.
We wish everyone joy and days of good cheer;
And hope you keep watching –
It’s Torrington, folks….and Its Happening Here!

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Try to write a verse to add to the poem in the comment section below!


About The Author

Sharon Waagner is the Office Manager and Communications Director for Torrington Downtown Partners, a commissioner for Arts Culture Torrington, and on the Main Street Market Place committee, among other things.

Most recently she joined with Barrie Soucy at WAPJ and on Thursday mornings at 9:40 a.m. they discuss upcoming events and help to promote businesses located in the downtown area.