Torrington's All Volunteer Community Radio Needs You!

Torrington's All Volunteer Community Radio Needs You!

What does it mean to have truly local community radio? It means we have a voice on the airwaves to share thoughts and concerns, ideas and information about events that move our community forward! WAPJ is that community radio and it needs YOUR help to continue.

Top five reasons to donate:

  1. Every dollar goes into the station (no salaries - everyone is a volunteer).
  2. Every dollar donated is tax deductible.
  3. The need is finite ($7500 for whole drive).
  4. Only once a year!
  5. This is a worthy cause for Torrington. 


Found on the "dial" of 89.9 and105.1FM, this all volunteer radio station in on air serving the Torrington community as it has been since 1997. From the hosts/dj’s to the staff, these are members in our Torrington community who volunteer and give their time and talent to make our airwaves an enriching non-commercial experience (note: some local sponsors are mentioned at the top of each hour but there are no commercials in the broadcast). And there are quality programs on the air of WAPJ

Let’s start with the Miscellaneous Morning Show  Barrie Soucy and Holly Pond have been sharing their mornings with us, Monday through Friday, from 7am to 10pm. They host guests like Keith Paul of the Desultory Theatre Club who shares what’s going on in Torrington for the weekend. Gary “Hoss” Lawton has Down in the Country mornings on Saturday 9 to noon! The 10am “Feel Good Show” by Jacque Williams is always a great listen. The No Fall Out Show on Tuesdays 7pm provides the venue for music you might not hear on commercial radio. What’s a Friday night at 5pm without the Tony Henry Classic Rock program? And coming soon, Jay Roberts of Performance Hub will provide a show based in large part on local music!

And there’s more programming to come. Each show, each new idea moves our community forward. Each time a guest on WAPJ shares information about their food drive for the soup kitchen, coat drives, cash mobs, or votes for awards, WAPJ takes care of the community.

The fund drive has a specific goal: 7500. If the station reaches its goal it can keep the lights on, pay for rent, maintenance, and the office supplies. WAPJ is a 501c3 and all money donated is tax deductible. There are some gifts you may receive for donating (I chose the book by John Ramsey about Hartford Radio) but whatever you choose, remember the need is FINITE, it is ONCE A YEAR, it all goes to the station (no salaries-as this is all volunteer) , tax deductible and it’s a worthy cause.



J Timothy Quirk

About The Author

J. Timothy Quirk is a cartoonist whose work is seen in newspapers in NY and NE and online on Ann Nyberg’s Network Connecticut. He is one of two administrators for the T-Town Torrington Chatter facebook group and facilitates the Cash Mob there. J. Timothy is active in the arts/culture community in Torrington and is documenting the community in his blog, Nutmeg Chatter.