Top 10 Holiday Films

Top 10 Holiday Films

It’s that time of year again, what films will you be watching?

As the holidays roll around each year every family has their own viewing traditions. Certain holiday films that must be watched at this time of year either on your own, with friends or with the family. I have my own favorite holiday films that I thought I would share with you, some are traditional, some are not.

So in descending order, here are my 10 favorite holiday films and why they should be yours!

10. Bad Santa

Because seeing Billy Bob Thorton bring one of the most horrible main characters ever to be on the silver screen to life really makes you feel good about your own holiday situation no matter how bad it might be.

9. Lethal Weapon

Because it’s a spectacular film that just happens to take place at Christmas time and starts off with a suicide set to Jingle Bell Rock! Beat that.

8. The Holiday

Because it’s the second best romantic comedy I know of, please refer to number one on this list for the best!

7. A Christmas Story

Because this quirky little film that came out of nowhere and is now a holiday tradition for most everyone always puts a smile on my face. Especially that heart warming narration.

6. Scrooged

Because if there really were ghosts and they really cared about individual people, it would probably turn out very much like this. And Bobcat Goldthwait’s in it, what else do you want?

5. Mixed Nuts

Because even though it’s not the best film, it has a lot of good people in it, a lot a good performances by those people, and it makes me laugh!

4. The Ref

Because it’s what a Christmas film made by Woody Allen would look like.

3. Die Hard

Because it’s the best action film ever made with the best villain in film history and it takes place on Christmas Eve, so it’s on the list.

2. Christmas Vacation

Because there is no funnier film I can think of. Because Randy Quiad should have won an Oscar for that performance. Because you can quote any line that comes out of Aunt Bethany’s mouth and almost anyone will know what you’re talking about, because of the Jelly of the Month club, and because the Griswald’s bring joy to everyone's heart!

1. Love Actually

Because it can make even the worst cynic believe one day true love might actually be possible!

I hope you will give some of these films a look or perhaps I have reminded you of a film from your past and now they will get a second look. Have a wonderful holiday of watching films!

What holiday films will you be watching this year?


Max Tieman

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Maximilian Tieman is a lifelong Torrington resident and has been a film buff since his mother brought him to the movies as a child. He is a graphic designer and print specialist and manages the Franklin Print Shoppe in downtown Torrington.

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