Talented Neighbors

Talented Neighbors

It was good to have Marc and his wife Laura as our office neighbors. It was even better when I learned what they do.

When I first moved my web studio to 5 Water Street, I was the only tenant on the floor. Marc and Laura later knocked on the door and introduced themselves as my new office neighbor. It was great to have them in the building and add life to the hallways. Their two kids, Johanna (4 years old) and Adrian (19 months old) definitely help with that as well.

After they finished moving in, they invited me to their space. The room had the wonderful smell of artist oil paints and was stuffed with beautiful artwork and framing materials. As it turns out, Marc is an incredibly talented artist with a very focused message. He started Wrong Way Studio and has been quite active with local shows and openings. Laura runs a high end frame shop called Liberty Custom Frames and has a gift of knowing exactly how to enhance artwork with just the right framing choices. How convenient for one another!

Since then, I have stopped by their studio countless times. However, last time I was there, Marc had some drawings laid out on a table that he was about to put away for storage. "Sketches," he called them, even though to me, they looked gallery-ready. They were beautiful drawings he did years ago based on the city of Torrington, and its transition from an industrial city to an arts community. Other drawings highlighted John Brown illustratively breaking the the bonds slavery. I spread them all out on one of his drawing tables, and the found myself thoroughly impressed.

In the spirit of Torrington, and all of the hidden talent that recent marketing campaigns strive to highlight, I asked for Marc's permission to share them on ItsHappeningHere.com. It was not hard to convince him because, after all, they are just "sketches".

Below are some of Marc's drawings of Torrington's own John Brown.

Have you seen any of Marc's work in person? What do you think of these sketches? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image Credit, Marc Stolfi


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"I participate in this blog because managing this website leads me to Torrington's brightest people and ideas. I want to share the optimism and excitement that I am constantly exposed to as a result of my being involved."