It's time to support a locally owned small business with the Torrington cash mob! The January 2014 winner is DOWNTOWN CAFE! Be a part of the fun! The cash mob will be begin 1/25/2014 at noon (try to be there if you can!) and will then continue through 2/14/2014.

The winner of the first cash mob of 2014 is DOWNTOWN CAFÉ. The facebook group T-Town Torrington Chatter partnered for the first cash mob of the year with Evan Dobos of  The survey listed the 14 nominees in random order. This month’s survey received even MORE votes than the last cash mob survey and achieved this result in a shorter time period. In 3 days, there were over 1600 votes cast.  

The announcement of the winner was made at S & S Sweet Treats, the previous winner. The evening started at 6:05pm when Skip Hoxie, founder of the T-Town Torrington Chatter Facebook group, provided the introductions and opening remarks.  Then Evan Dobos rose to provide the overall result. The winner was Downtown Café followed by First Act Bakery and Angies Coffee and More. J. Timothy Quirk then called the winner and gave him to news and the crowd applauded the winner. 

Now the preparation begins for the Cash Mob which will begin on Saturday 1/25 (time to be determined but it is usually noon) and will run through 2/1. Anyone who arrives at Downtown Café and advises the server they are part of the Cash mob will receive the Cash Mob Card (a representation of the business in business card format) that says that the holder of the card supported a local business. The cards will be numbered so that at the end of the week, the result of the cash mob will be shown. 

To Find out more about Downtown Café, find them here:

Downtown Café
131 Water St


J Timothy Quirk

About The Author

J. Timothy Quirk is a cartoonist whose work is seen in newspapers in NY and NE and online on Ann Nyberg’s Network Connecticut. He is one of two administrators for the T-Town Torrington Chatter facebook group and facilitates the Cash Mob there. J. Timothy is active in the arts/culture community in Torrington and is documenting the community in his blog, Nutmeg Chatter.