CASH MOB IV: Nominees

CASH MOB IV: Nominees

Presented by T-Town Chatter, Torrington's fourth Cash Mob is underway!


Voting is closed as we tally up the results which will be announced tonight (Feb 24th)!

The Torrington community will target a small, local businesses that makes the community special in order and support them by showing up with all their friends and buying stuff. 

It's a great way to show our appreciation and give support to Torrington businesses! Here's the rules. Only one vote per person. Multiple votes from the same IP address will be removed from the tally. Please vote if you have a real possibility of attending the cash mob. The winner will be supported starting 3/1 through 3/8 unless other arrangements are made. There is no minimum purchase to obtain a cash mob card. The cash mob card will be a depiction of the business in water color and show you supported the cash mob! So...


Evan Dobos

About The Author

Evan Dobos is the owner of PictureThisWEBCENTER, a web design studio in downtown Torrington that created, as well as many other websites for a range of client types.

"I participate in this blog because managing this website leads me to Torrington's brightest people and ideas. I want to share the optimism and excitement that I am constantly exposed to as a result of my being involved."