Cash Mob III Nominees - Cast Your Vote!

Cash Mob III Nominees - Cast Your Vote!

Presented by T-Town Chatter, Torrington's third Cash Mob is underway!

What is a cash mob you ask? It's when people target a small, local businesses that makes the community special in order to support them by showing up with all their friends and buying stuff.

It's a great way to show our appreciation and give support to Torrington businesses!


Voting is now closed. Join us tonight for the announcement of the winner!


J Timothy Quirk

About The Author

J. Timothy Quirk is a cartoonist whose work is seen in newspapers in NY and NE and online on Ann Nyberg’s Network Connecticut. He is one of two administrators for the T-Town Torrington Chatter facebook group and facilitates the Cash Mob there. J. Timothy is active in the arts/culture community in Torrington and is documenting the community in his blog, Nutmeg Chatter.