A Howling Good Time: Jazz Macabre

A Howling Good Time: Jazz Macabre

On Thursday night, October 30th, 2014, you’ll have a howling good time enjoying a pre-Halloween jazz concert by the Grim String Quartet at Timothy Alexandre Wallace’s iconic Studio 59 Live Arts at 59 Barber Street in Torrington.

The experience of a live concert at Studio 59Live Arts is extraordinary. This unique venue showcases a German Steinway grand piano in the center of the performance area; the audience enjoys the performance from wing backed or parlor chairs in this 18th century style drawing room.  The high ceiling within this former church space provides unparalleled acoustics. 

 The Grim String Quartet is formed by four accomplished musicians who have performed their own work in different venues but who have banded together for this one night of jazz experience. According to the wonderful WNPR story  about the event , the performers are Preston Parish, Jonathan Talbott, Kip Beacco, and Joe Salamone.

Parish says, “We're all involved in different projects outside of this group, and our distinctive sound is really shaped by the experience we bring to this seasonal repertoire as improvisational musicians.”

Those who enjoy Tim Burton movies and Django Reinhardt will LOVE the Grim String Quartet.

Tickets are $20 for adults, $12 for students/seniors

RSVP: 860-482-6801


J Timothy Quirk

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J. Timothy Quirk is a cartoonist whose work is seen in newspapers in NY and NE and online on Ann Nyberg’s Network Connecticut. He is one of two administrators for the T-Town Torrington Chatter facebook group and facilitates the Cash Mob there. J. Timothy is active in the arts/culture community in Torrington and is documenting the community in his blog, Nutmeg Chatter.