Music from the Streets

Music from the Streets

It was like Torrington film noir.

About two weeks ago, I was working late in my office (probably on The night came quick, because of clouds and rain. I heard music coming from outside which is a fairly regular occurrence since my office is on the corner of Water and Main. But instead of it coming from a car with an overpowering stereo, it was actually coming from the street. I heard saxophone, but surely no one is actually playing saxophone at night, in the rain, in downtown Torrington.

Much to my delight, I was dead wrong. I saw a small group of people down near the Warner Theatre, and one of them was playing a saxophone. It was a while before I took a break from the computer, and so I headed down there to check it out.

The saxophone players name was David Espinal, a 4th grader just learning to play saxophone. His parents and siblings where with him, and they we simply listening and enjoying.

Please enjoy this video I took of David and his family.

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Evan Dobos

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Evan Dobos is the owner of PictureThisWEBCENTER, a web design studio in downtown Torrington that created, as well as many other websites for a range of client types.

"I participate in this blog because managing this website leads me to Torrington's brightest people and ideas. I want to share the optimism and excitement that I am constantly exposed to as a result of my being involved."